Five Ways to Fix Dead Spots in Your Lawn by Haliyma Barrow

by Stephanie Suesan Smith on April 20, 2011

Dead spots in your lawn can be an unsightly occurrence. When a lawn is beautiful, lush and green it enhances the visual appeal of your home. Repairing the dead spots will allow your lawn to return to its lush magnificence and have your home looking beautiful once again. Here are a five ways you can renovate the dead spots in your lawn.


You may try a twofold approach to fixing the dead spots in your lawn. This will include watering the dead patches and mowing it to see if it will produce green grass once again. This is a great approach, but if it doesn’t work you will have to reseed the lawn. The best time to do this is in the fall, as it gives the seeds time to grow during the cooler days of the year.

Incorrect Maintenance

Sometimes when dead spots appear in your lawn it can be due to your own negligence. You may have forgotten to water your lawn with your sprinkler. If this is the case, there would be a section of the lawn that would be deficient as a result of this water shortage. Also, gas, herbicide or fertilizer spills on your lawn may cause damage to the area on which either of these substances fall. Do not fill your lawn mower with gas while on the grass. Instead, do so off the grass and use spill-proof nozzles to cover your gas cans. When using herbicide or fertilizer make sure to mix or fill these chemicals off the grass.

Compacted Soil

The soil of the lawn can sometimes become very compacted that there is no way air or water can get to the roots of the grass. This can cause brown patches. Use an aerator on the bare spots. Place some compost in the area and reseed.

Get Rid of Weeds

Another possible cause of dead patches is weeds. Weeds can prevent a part of the lawn from growing and eventually they take over the area. As a corrective measure to these dead spots, destroy all the weeds in that area before you start attending to any new grass.


Thatch may build up on your lawn over a period of time and need to be removed. Thatch is debris that decomposes and settles on the ground over time. This will prevent your lawn from staying green even if it is being maintained. Dethatching is another way to fix dead spots in your lawn. It involves removing the thatch from the area.

Fixing dead spots in your lawn can help save your grass and restore it to its lush beginnings. A lawn enhances the beauty of your home. It should be lush and vibrant at all times. Make sure you water your lawn on a regular basis. Furthermore, your maintenance routine should include mowing and fertilizing your lawn to keep pests away. Once the bare spots are restored, follow through with the lawn upkeep. Failure to do so will result in a reappearance of dead patches.


This is a guest post contributed by Haliyma Barrow, a professional writer based in New York.  Haliyma enjoys covering gardening related topics in her articles, such as spring gardening tips.

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Jack Turner August 24, 2011 at 9:21 am

Aeration is one of the key things missed by many lawn smiths. As well as breaking up the compacted soil to allow grass to be reseeded as talked about here, it is essential in allowing the air, water and nutrients to get into the soil rather than sitting on top or being washed away. A good aeration once or twice a year with a hollow tine aerator or lawn aeration shoes for small lawns (mechanical aerators for the larger ones) is all that is needed and will help your reseeding go well in addition to reducing the amount of lawn feed you need and to also let you use a mulching mower to add nutrients back to the soil when you mow.

Nice article – thanks. Jack
Jack Turner recently posted..Hollow Tine AeratorMy Profile


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